Games of Skills Vs Games of Luck in Mobile Casino

These days the biggest software developers offer hundreds of terrific mobile casino game types to play with the great sound and graphical support, which attracts new gamblers and professionals to enter the industry or try something new. The entertainment assortment on each gaming group varies considerably. Correspondingly, throughout the history, the obvious division couldn’t be avoided and now there are 2 groups of games: based on skills and on luck.
Mobile Сasino Game Types

Skill Based Entertainments

There are amusements in which only your mastery and the past experience are able to make you a winner. Here, your physical and mental abilities, gained through playing earlier, can guarantee a successful outcome for you. Usually it takes some time and practice, the player must learn some tips and strategies to improve his results and decrease the house edge.


What entertainment is a very popular among gamblers? – Where you must gain 21 scores in order to collect Blackjack and win. Its classification to a skill-based approach is not the accident, because you have to count the cards value, and see, if it is reasonable to pick up one more. Regarding to your experience and winning combinations, the house edge can be reduced drastically, leaving the advantage after you.

Video Poker

Video poker is attractive for newbies, because the rules are very simple – they can easily master it. The goal is to collect any meaningful combination taking substitutions into account. Accordingly, the basic strategy is based on a single rule – what cards are and in what cases they are worth changing, and when it’s better to fold.

Games Based on Luck

There are games in which all your knowledge is almost useless, because you can’t impact on the RTP in any way. Nor you can predetermine your own chances. This is how the games of luck can be briefly described. The fortune is the only thing that can help you win; however, the need of having a strategy is no more.

Mobile Slots Online

Slots are the favorite method to pass the time and become rich in a few pulls. Each mobile machine offers a different amount of reels and winning combinations. The payback is always high and your chances are absolutely random. Fair RNG makes you only praying for a quick jackpot.

Mixed Type

Different Games in Mobile Сasino

Not always you can rely only on the manual skills or luck – there are entertainments which can be successfully played only through mixing these ingredients.


From the XIX century Roulette has been getting more popular day by day. There are 3 types – the European, American and French (the most perspective one). The rules are easy to remember – a dealer accepts bets and after it’s done, he spins the wheel and throws a ball on it. The winners are people whose numbers played.

Only the application of strict mathematical rules, coupled with the prudent money management and the player’s knowledge of beneficial sides – this is what can significantly increase the probability of your success.


In baccarat kind of entertainment you need to bet on a gambler’s or banker’s win. If it’s the 2nd case, then you will be bound to pay the 5% tax, which means the house edge here is big. You can also choose the Standoff in Punto Banco, which in case of win multiply it by 8 or 9 times. However, the chances still depend on the luck.