List of Jackpot Records in Mobile Casino

When you get money unexpectedly, you surely want to celebrate this fact. However, imagine how big the celebration is, when you win a jackpot. This is truly an event that changes lives forever. Probably every mobile casino user has dreamt about taking over everything a betting house has to offer. The most known generous online gambling rooms that give mobile casino jackpots each season are Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

The records show that the sums easily reach $5 million or even more. The whole bank pool consists of contributions that are taken as a percentage from every player’s bet. In many online houses this pool is shared, meaning contributions are made by users from many countries. This increases tremendously jackpot’s value. The most exciting part is that there are absolutely no restrictions on playing or winning, except the minimum age of 18.

Mobile Casino Jackpots

Microgaming 5.3 Million Euro Payout

You may have heard tons of success stories published on news daily, where some unknown guy becomes a millionaire by winning in the lottery. It does not happen to everyone, but when jackpot is won, the whole world talks about it. This time, Mark A. became a hero of headlines and a multimillionaire by playing on his smartphone!

Mark had downloaded a mobile casino application just a week before he has hit €5.3 million in Mega Moolah slot.  Mark’s experience confirms the fact that smartphone gambling industry makes big money available to everyone. John Quinn, the Microgaming head officer, noticed the fact that banks via cell phone devices are hit more often and that it is a sign every player should consider.

Mobile Casino Jackpot Records

Playtech Biggest Win £4.5 Million

Playtech is one of the companies widely known for its huge jackpots. The second largest sum was won in 2016 by the player from the UK. She has hit £4.5 million as she was playing on her phone while watching TV. This money is equal to 170 years of woman’s annual salary!

Moreover, the initial deposit was only £4. As a lucky shared, the winning was a complete shock to her and her family. She had never hoped for big sums and played only for entertainment. It is amazing how unexpectedly, in spare moments, life of the librarian from Glasgow, Scotland, changed forever.

$8.6 Million from NetEnt

Not too long ago all the headlines were reporting that the largest amount in the mobile casino history was won by one lucky guy from Sweden. NetEnt, the sponsor company, has put out a jackpot of a total worth more than $8 million dollars.

As usual, the story behind this huge victory is pretty amazing. Alexander was not an experienced player and used smartphone gambling to entertain himself. However, one day his initial wager of $1.50 took him far. As the happy man shared, now his family is building plans on how to wisely spend the money. They are thinking about paying off the debts, going to vacations, and buying a new car.

The Biggest Jackpots in Mobile Casino
This victory was not the only one this year. NetEnt was proud to announce that a couple months later, a jackpot of $4.5 million was won. The staff is very inspired by those winnings, because they work hard to reward its customers as much as possible.