How Did Mobile Casino Start

It is 2016. Today, many people enjoy playing various casino games on their phones. These entertainments are very beloved by many gambling enthusiasts. However, not all of them know for sure how and when the history of their favorites started. Just imagine that they have been on the scene for only seven years! Let’s find out what marked the beginning of the mobile betting house era.
Mobile Casino History

Wireless Application Protocol

The mobile casino history started with the release of the Wireless Application Protocol in the early 2000’s. These were the first WAP products that could be downloaded onto a feature phone from the Internet. Thrill seekers had to pay for them, and they were usually delivered via SMS. Initially, users couldn’t play on real money; however, things changed over the years. Even though most people today prefer the latest trends of online betting houses, still there are sites where it’s available to enjoy this kind of entertainment.

First Java Casino Games

In 2001, the Java ME was introduced. With it, a flexible fast action game environment was created for the cell phones supporting this technology. The first casino entertainment running on this platform was Pub Fruity. Back then there were not many options allowing playing on real money. Moreover, as soon as many new mobiles started entering the market, software developers faced lots of problems related to different device capabilities.
Mobile Casino Historical Facts

New Era of iPhone and Android

Great changes in the mobile gambling industry were made with the launching of iPhones and the AppStore in 2007 and the release of the Android platform and its market in 2008. The latter one allowed playing their apps on various brands of smartphones and tablets, while the Apple software can be run on their cells and iPads only.
History of Mobile Casino

Apple Store

For those who want to play online mobile casino products on their iPhones or iPads, the AppStore offers various applications for this kind of devices offering almost limitless choices of a very high quality. Some entertainments can be enjoyed for free, while the top ones should be bought. In the recent years, more and more apps are developed to run via the device’s browser.

Play Market

Devices running the Android OS offer their users a great number of applications, including online houses, available at the Play Market. Most of them are browser versions; however, there are still those that have to be downloaded first. Some of them have to be paid for, but in most cases they are available for free. As it was already mentioned no matter what smartphone brand you choose, you will be able to get on a roll with it!

HTML5 Mobile Platform

In 2010, the HTML5 technology appeared on the scene. With its help, the developers started introducing cross-platform apps that could be run on smartphones as well as tablets, and PCs. Lots of casino products using this innovation were launched. So now more and more users could join and enjoy an amazing world of online gambling.